Adventure Arkansas: Ozark Climbing Gym

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Some of the trickiest outdoor climbing routes are in our backyard in Arkansas. Sean Bailey takes us to place to practice your technique at an indoor climbing gym in Springdale in this week's Adventure Arkansas.

You can practice climbing and conquering the great outdoors, inside the Ozark Climbing Gym.

Jason Groves, Co-owner of Ozark Climbing Gym explains, "Here in Arkansas, the weather is not alway cooperative, so having a place to come indoors, when things are way too hot, way too cold, way too wet, or something like that really lets you keep climbing."

Jason says that with only 12 feet of maximum height, this is a perfect set up for a beginner climber. "There's a ton of things you can come in and do right off the street if you have no experience at all. So don't be afraid of the activity and don't be afraid to ask questions, we love to help people."

The climbing community continues to grow in Northwest Arkansas, and Groves is working to expand that community by offering classes to beginners and women.

Andrea Anzalone can't wait to see the impact the women's course has on climbing comradery. "So Excited! Oh my gosh, I've attended a few women's specific clinics and they were incredible."

Both Groves and Anzalone agree that physical strength isn't the most important part of climbing.

"When you're starting out, don't worry about the fact that you can't do the one armed pull-up or anything like that. It's not necessary. If you climb smart, you don't necessarily have to climb strong."

Frank Niles has been climbing for over 35 years and has seen first hand how the climbing community in Northwest Arkansas has grown, especially over the past 15 years.

"New areas are being discovered every month, if not every year. So we are, in my judgment, in our late infancy here in Arkansas. I mean it is on the map, internationally. I mean people come from all around the world to climb here."

Each of the climbers explains their fascination with this growing sport.

Groves: "You can approach this thing that's literally been there forever. And you can figure out a sequence with just your arms and your legs to get on top of it."

Niles: "You climb because of discovery, because you're discovering new areas, but also things about yourself. It's really an avenue for personal development."

Anzalone: "If you're patient with yourself, and if you remind yourself to have a lot of fun, you usually end up having, a lot of fun."

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