Ark. Lawmakers File Bill Limiting SNAP Benefits To Foods With ‘Sufficient Nutritional Value’

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) — A group of lawmaker filed a bill Wednesday (Dec. 7) that would limit the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to foods that have “sufficient nutritional value.”

The bill, which calls for creating the Arkansas healthy Food Improvement Act, was proposed because the General Assembly found over-consumption of excessively sugary foods and beverages increases the risk of obesity and other diseases and people living in poverty are more likely to consume nutrient-poor food.

According to the lawmakers, the bill aims to align SNAP with other programs and initiatives aimed at improving the health and welfare of Arkansas citizens.

The bill mandates the Department of Human Services will identify specific foods and beverages that have sufficient nutritional value to qualify for SNAP.

The 2017 legislative session begins Jan. 9, 2017.


  • Benny Hill

    Yeah, you don’t need an energy drink or a bag of pork rinds to survive. If you want junk, then get a job and pay for it with your own money.

  • Fred Tester

    More GOP government staying out of peoples’ lives I see. Kind of ironic given the hissy fit they threw when Michelle Obama suggested school lunches should be healthier. Hypocrisy. I’m shocked.

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