Bella Vista Residents With Medical Needs Can Apply For Priority Snow Removal

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BELLA VISTA (KFSM) — The city of Bella Vista is accepting applications for priority snow removal for those with certain medical conditions.

Residents who need streets cleared for medical reasons — chemotherapy, radiation, dialysis and home hospice care — can turn in a form at city hall for priority snow removal.

Completed forms can be turned in at any time throughout the season as medical needs dictate. The form requires the resident’s doctors’ name and contact information, as well as dates and times of regular appointments.

Submitting the form does not guarantee that the streets will be cleared in time for scheduled appointments. However, those on the list will be prioritized, and the department will do their best to clear them. Streets will not be cleared a second time during the day for the return journey, as the goal is getting residents to their necessary treatments.

The city advises resident who have scheduled appointments or surgery to travel beforehand if winter weather is predicted. They also ask residents to stock up or refill oxygen, medications, propane tanks and other supplies prior to winter storms.