Garrett’s Blog: Two More Arctic Surges Soon

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The weather theme for the weeks leading up to Christmas will be cold and getting colder.

  • The next cold blast arrives Wednesday December 14th
  • Yet another cold blast arrives Sunday, December 18th.

At the moment both fronts look moisture starved but with temperatures easily below freezing any precipitation that does develop will have the potential to be frozen.


This is the trough ridge pattern that’s causing the colder than normal temperatures. As long as the trough is more dominant that the ridge, temperatures will be colder than normal. This pattern should hold for the next two weeks.  This map in particular represents the 2nd blast of cold air around the 18th of December.


This is the next push of Arctic air next Wednesday.


After a small rebound temperatures plunge again into the 30s for highs around the middle of the month on the 18th.

It’s too soon to know exactly what the weather will be like on Christmas but it looks like the overall trend is for colder than normal temperatures for much of the month of December.