Pea Ridge Football Team Makes First-Ever Trip To State

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PEA RIDGE (KFSM) -- Proud Pea Ridge football fans gathered early Friday morning (Dec. 9) to give their football team a cheery send-off to the state football championship.

This send-off is especially exciting for Blackhawks fans, because it's the first time the Pea Ridge football team has ever made it to the state championship game.

Despite temperatures in the teens, hundreds lined the street with signs and banners to wave on the team as they headed to Little Rock. They will face undefeated Warren at 7 p.m. in War Memorial Stadium on Friday night.

"It says a lot for the community," said Roy Cotton, who lives in Pea Ridge. "They always show up they step up they do what they need to do and it's just amazing."

Pea Ridge fans will also be heading to Little Rock to support their team in person.

"Oh I'm so excited! My husband and I both took the day off and we're driving down and we're gonna support the football team," said Laura O'Neal, another Pea Ridge resident. "Our son is in the band, so we are gonna support the band and it's a big family thing."