Fort Smith District Judge-Elect Under Investigation

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- A Fort Smith district judge-elect is under investigation after police said they found drugs in a hotel room rented in his name.

A Little Rock Police Department report states investigators were called to the hotel room rented to judge-elect Jim O'Hern after reports of cigarette smoke in the room. Officers retrieved a clear baggie and a crystalized substance from the room, according to the report. A woman, Brandie Gibson, was in the room at the time and was charged with possession of meth, the report states.

According to the report, O'Hern showed up shortly after and told officers he had been in the room the night before. O'Hern has not been criminally charged in this case, but the report does state the investigation is still pending.

The Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission confirmed Tuesday (Dec.13) that they are looking into the matter.

"Judge-elect Jim O'Hern had a complaint filed against him by me as the executive director. I can open complaints and had become aware of the police reports. At that time I filed the complaint and it has been served to the judge-elect," JDDC Executive Director David Sachar said.

According to their website, the JDDC has jurisdiction over 400 judges in the state.

O'Hern's attorney said that it would be inappropriate for him to comment on the case because the investigation is pending. He also said he believes his client has not violated the code of judicial conduct.

O'Hern was contacted last week and told 5NEWS the woman, Brandie Gibson, is a client of his attorney practice.

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