HealthWatch: Winter Skin Care

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Cold winter weather and wind can leave your skin feeling dull, dry, and flaky, but a few simple changes can make all the difference.

Dermatologists say people should consider switching products from season to season. In the summer, your skin is hydrated, but when winter comes around, the humidity drops, and the dry air literally sucks moisture out of your skin.

“Everyone’s going to get a little bit more dry. In terms of cleansers, if you’re a person who’s very dry, and you’re using a foam cleanser, you may want to switch to a cream or a more hydrating cleanser. If you’re more oily, you’re not going to want to go quite that far. Stick with your foaming cleanser and just try and moisturize a little bit more," Dr. Joanne Montgomery explains.

To help moisturizers penetrate the skin, you should exfoliate not only your face, but your entire body. While a hot shower or bath in the cold months may seem relaxing, dermatologists say it’s actually not good for your skin.

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