HPerry Jewelers Surprise Giveaway At Fayetteville Square

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5NEWS is helping spread joy this holiday season with Christmas Where You Live!

From December 13th thru December 23rd, we will be surprising unsuspecting viewers with $500 gift cards from one of three places; Bedford Camera & Video, HPerry Jewelers, and True Grit!

The locations are random and so are the winners we’ve chosen.

On Thursday, December 15th, we we’re out at the Fayetteville Square spreading Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear!

The Parkes family was walking around enjoying the lights and we asked them to join in on the fun and tell us about their Christmas plans.

We couldn't help but notice that their children were going to get everything they had wanted for Christmas, but the parents were not!

We surprised the family with a $500 HPerry Jewelers gift card and they were so surprised and grateful.

Congratulations again to the Parkes family we hope you are able to get yourselves something on the shiny end thanks to 5NEWS and HPerrry Jewelers.

Segment Sponsored By: HPerry Jewelers