From The Airways To The Roadways, Freezing Temps Wreak Havoc For Commuters

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Plenty of roadway incidents and flight cancellations Saturday night (Dec. 17), due to hazardous weather conditions.
The National Weather Service reports that the snow, and blowing of snow will stay throughout the evening and into early Sunday.
 Authorities say if you don’t have to drive, stay indoors.
 A guard for the Arkansas Highway District Engineers said  that all crews are working on trying to reduce the slick spots on the roadways.
They are out with the plows using a salt brine mixture and are spraying the roads with a melting agent.
I-49 North at Exit 45, Winslow. Courtesy: John Erwin

I-49 North at Exit 45, Winslow.
Courtesy: John Erwin

Meanwhile, one Fayetteville couple says they picked the wrong night to go buy a Christmas tree.
“We were coming back on I-49 from Fort Smith, headed toward Fayetteville where we live,” said John Erwin and Suzzane Monroe, “but we could only make it to the Winslow Exit and we were forced to pull off the road due to the icy road conditions.”
Erwin said he was frustrated and was sure he wasn’t the only person stranded as he looked around and saw that traffic was at a complete stop because of the slick roadway.
“I’m sure a million people have called police,” said Erwin, “there are people getting out of their cars and walking around … and that doesn’t seem safe.”
By 11 p.m., Erwin’s parents came to rescue them, “and now the road has been sanded so it looks a lot safer,” he said.
At Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA), of the 21 flight arrivals scheduled for Saturday (Dec. 17), between 4:30 p.m.  and 11:13 p.m.,  two arrived, 10 were cancelled, and the rest were delayed or diverted, according to their webpage “”
“I’m stuck on an airplane at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA),” wrote Doug Kavulich in an email to the KFSM newsroom early Saturday evening (Dec. 17), “and it looks like there is only one tow truck working the tarmac.”
Something,  Kavulich said is unacceptable, “especially when airport personnel knew that bad weather was in the forecast.”
American Airlines jet parked at XNA. Courtesy Doug Kavulich

American Airlines jet parked at XNA. Courtesy Doug Kavulich

While Saturday started out as overcast, at 56 degrees, the temperature continued to head south throughout the day.
By 5 p.m. the temp was 25 degrees and by 9 p.m. it was 20.
The National Weather Service reports that the low Sunday will be around 6, but add in the wind chill and it will feel like -8 to 2 degrees.
Wind gusts could get as high as 30 miles per hour.
Sunday it will be sunny and cold with a high temp in the teens.
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