Layering Techniques To Keep You Warm During Winter

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FAYETTEVILLE(KFSM)-- Winter weather is here and it's going to take more than just throwing on a jacket to stay warm.

A common technique most people use is the layering technique. Starting out with thin clothing and building as they go.

The manager at Pack Rat says there's even a step further you can take in your layering technique.

Instead of layering the usual way, pay attention to the different fabrics in each layer and pair them with a layer.

Your first layer of clothing is to keep you warm and dry so look for something synthetic or something like a merino wool. These fabrics are thin enough for you to build on and will keep your body dry.

Now for your second layer think a little thicker and heavier. The second layer is all about trapping heat. Some clothing will even have a grid pattern on the inside for that specific reason.

The last layer is your heaviest and warmest piece.

For this final layer look for something much heavier.

Finding a multi-use jacket that has a secondary built in jacket is always a plus.

After you've finished layering your clothing don't forget to protect your head, hands, and feet, these three places are the first to lose body heat.

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