Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Recipient Heals Soul Through Soles

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 (KFSM) — Shoes are what define Eric Jones’ past and future. Jones, 21, grew up in Helena, Arkansas. He said Helena is known for its shootings and robberies, and many kids he attended school with never got the chance to leave the city.
Jones left when he was accepted into the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.
This was made possible with financial help from his mom and through scholarships including the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

“I was pretty excited to be able to come and have part of my school paid for because of the scholarship,” Jones said

He majored in apparel merchandising and product development at the university.

While there, he transformed his love for fashion into a shoe business called ‘Like Father Like Son.’ It’s a company that creates matching dress shoes for fathers and their sons.

Jones is now in the works of launching his own business, which includes a line of bold-colored and sophisticated shoe designs.

He wants to make sure the shoes affordable for everyone. He added that is important because he grew up not being able to afford many shoes.

“My motto is vintage with a twist, so I just add my own touch to it,” Jones said.

Part of his fashion sense comes from his mother, who he says was known in life for her flashy hats and passion of shoes.

She died a few weeks ago from an unexpected health complication. It was three weeks before she could watch Jones walk across the stage to get his diploma.

This tragedy hasn’t slowed him down. It has actually made him more determined to chase his dreams and make his mom proud.

“Everything I do now is for my mom.” Jones explained. “I’m going to keep doing this for my mom. (I plan to) open a shoe company for women... for my mom.”

Jones expects to launch his shoe business Like Father Like Son during January 2017.

Track his business on Instagram at: lflsshoes

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  • Shelly J Butrymoicz

    I’m not on instagram but would like to reach out to Eric about his shoes, especially those that zip in the back. I’m a woman but tend to wear men’s shoes because they are wider and flat. I’m diabetic, so always have problem with swelling feet and balance. Very excited about his wonderful artistic and stylish new ideas. How can I get information from him, maybe he is also on Facebook? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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