A Mountainburg Man Will Keep Selling Firewood, Even After His Collection Box Was Stolen

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MOUNTAINBURG (KFSM) — Here’s an update about Ray Seratt.  He’s the 83-year-old who had his money stolen from a collection box earlier this month (Dec. 14)  along Highway 71 and Ash Street in Mountainburg.

For decades Seratt has sold firewood on an honor system, but according to the Mountainburg Police Department the money box was stolen.

MPD posted about the theft on their Facebook page, and people in the community (population: 631) rallied and donated money to him.

The post was shared on social media 948 times and reached more than 61,000 people, according to MPD.

Earlier this week, police officers visited Seratt and brought him cards full of good will and cash donations.

Mountainburg police with Ray Seratt. (Courtesy MPD Facebook).

Mountainburg police with Ray Seratt.
(Courtesy MPD Facebook).

“He told us of one couple from Oklahoma who recently stopped by and handed him $100,” said an officer with MPD,  “He (Seratt) told them it’d get them two ricks. The Oklahoma couple replied the money wasn’t for firewood but for his troubles, wished him a Merry Christmas, and went on their way.”

Seratt said his brother used to collect the money for him, but he’s been selling on an honor system since his brother passed away.

Despite the theft, Seratt told MPD he’s going to keep doing what he’s been doing — selling firewood on the honor system.

MPD is still investigating the incident.

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