Arkansas Minimum Wage Increases To $8.50 Sunday

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LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) — The new year means a pay bump for minimum wage employees across the state.

In Arkansas, the minimum wage is set to increase on Sunday. It’s a more hefty increase than last year. That’s good news for workers, but it means business owners have to figure out how to pay it. Come January, minimum wage employees will get a $1 an hour pay raise.

“It began raising by 50 cents each January 1,” said Arkansas Department of Labor’s public relation officer, Rosalyn Miller.  “This will be the final increment on January 1, 2017.  It will be $8.50.”

Rosalyn Miller is the public relations officer for the Arkansas Department of Labor.  Her department oversees thousands of workers and employers statewide.

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  • Manny Costanza

    These wage increases are pure political extortion. They certainly aren’t due to any increase in production. Hopefully companies will be able to replace these extortionists with automation in the near future. Engineering new and more efficient ways to replace them could become a booming industry with increased job opportunities for talented college graduate engineers. That’s already happening to some extent. Let’s hope it picks up speed. We need more creative engineers and fewer unskilled burger flippers. More tractors and fewer donkeys.

    • tasdgs

      But that’s going to create a lot of problems. Where are all of those people going to find work at and, when they get laid off, they will need government assistance. When people are not making money they will not be spending money and that will have a ripple effect throughout the whole economy. That’s one of the problems that we face today. Not only are jobs going overseas but a lot of jobs are being replaced by robots.

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