Garrett’s Blog: 2016 Tornado Count Near Record Low

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The 2016 tornado count was at a historic minimum for the country and will probably be the lowest on record once the preliminary reports have been finalized.

Tornado reports were half of the number in the last historic maximum year on record in 2011 when the annual count topped 1,800 tornadoes.


Because of multiple tornado reports for the same tornado the final number is usually adjusted downward from the preliminary reports.

In 2016, the preliminary number was 1060; the adjusted number will likely be near 901 tornadoes which is far less than we’ve seen in recent years and falls towards the historic minimum when looking at the percentiles.


On average in Arkansas we see 32 tornadoes with Oklahoma closer to 56.

In 2016, Arkansas had 25 tornadoes.


The number of tornadoes in 2016 is similar to 2013 which also had a lower number reported nationally.

The national 10-year average is 1,402 tornadoes.


When it comes to the average number of tornado watches issued, Arkansas and Oklahoma are usually in the middle of the action with the peak number of severe weather reports in our area in mid April.


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