Animal Ordinances To Be Strictly Enforced In Greenwood

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GREENWOOD (KFSM) — Animal ordinances will be strictly enforced this year by the Department of Animal Control Control and those who wish not to have a penalty and/or fine must abide by the ordinance, according to city officials.

Residents who have dogs, cats, wolves, wolf hybrids and ferrets must pay a fee to the city to register their animals, and will be limited to four per home.

Although registrations due to animal ordinances have been required for several years, they’ve been updated and are being strictly enforced, said Greenwood Animal Control Officer, Jerrod Ricketts.

One of the updates is a slight cost increase.

Pets that are spayed or neutered, as well as microchipped, will  be required to pay $5 per pet. Pets that are spayed or neutered, but not microchipped, must pay $10 per pet.

If pets aren’t spayed or neutered, pet owners will pay $25 for the pet.

“It doesn’t matter if it has a microchip or not,” Ricketts said.

Seniors who are 62 and older will pay $1 for pets that are spayed or neutered, as well as microchipped. They’ll pay $10 for pets that are spayed or neutered, but not microchipped. If pets aren’t spayed or neutered, they’ll pay $25 per pet.

Should someone own a “dangerous domestic animal” the pet owner must pay $50.  These pets are classified upon investigation only, Ricketts added.

“Also, the owners of livestock, fowl, et cetera may register their animals free,” Rickett said. “All the information (regarding these animals) are uploaded to a database. In the event of livestock getting out, we (will) know who to contact.”

Ricketts clarified an additional ordinance update.

He said during past years, residents were given amnesty during January months. However, these months are no longer amnesty months, the ordinance passed December 2016 states.

Also new, pets will be issued a city tag annually, and if they aren’t at the owner’s property, the pet(s) must wear the tag, as well as a rabbis tag.

Additionally, pet owners must also provide proof that their fur babies are current of rabies vaccinations.

To join in the process, residents are first encouraged to make sure their cats and dogs are vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian. If vaccinations have been given by anyone besides a licensed veterinarian, those inquiries will be rejected, according to city officials.

Once a vaccination certificate has been obtained, bring the certificate to one of the following four locations:

  • Greenwood Police Department

250 Old Hackett Road

  • Greenwood Veterinary Clinic

806 W. Center St.

  • South County Animal Hospital

12310 S. Highway 96

  • Cornerstone Veterinary Clinic

2719 W. Center St.

For additional information visit the police department code enforcement page.


*Editor’s note: Some of the information in a previous story regarding this matter was incorrect. Information in this story has since been verified and corrected.