Fort Smith Police Respond To Numerous Collisions Following First Snow Of Winter

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Most of the snow has melted and the roads are back to normal, but the Fort Smith Police Department said officers were called to dozens of accidents and stalled vehicles over the past 24 hours.

Police said more than 20 collisions occurred Friday (Jan. 6) and officers responded to more than 15 stalled vehicles.

Drivers said the roads were slippery.

"There were a lot of areas that were really slick, it was pretty scary actually," driver Gage Long said. "I tried to stop one time and there was a patch of ice right at the intersection, but I slowed down after that."

Police said the numbers of vehicles involved in accidents and stalled reports doesn't include those that went unreported.

Chicago native Ashley Phillips said she's used to snow and advised drivers to be more cautious next time the River Valley sees snow.

"Pay attention to your car," Phillips said. "If you're driving an unfamiliar car, have someone else drive, but if you know your car and you start to do something strange or wiggle a little, don't slam on your breaks; feather the breaks and try not to over-correct if you start sliding."

But despite the mess on the roads, there was still fun to be had.

"We put [my daughter's] snow suit on and came out here and got down in the snow," Phillips said. "It's her first snow fall."

Crews said the roads are clear now with the exception of some rural areas and neighborhoods. The Sebastian County Road Department said they plan to sweep off the excess salt and sand Monday (Jan. 9).