Smart 911 Program Helps Dispatchers In Emergencies

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- More than 70 percent of 911 calls come from a cell phone, but dispatchers can only see a general area of where you're calling from. Smart 911 is a program Bentonville dispatchers are using that could help save a callers life.

With the program, dispatchers can see what you're allergic to, if you have any medical conditions, and if you upload a picture, what you look like. Any information you feel is necessary, you can add it to your Smart 911 profile and when you call or text 911, dispatchers can see that information. They say it helps them better understand who you are, where you are, and can even help determine what type of medical attention you'll need.

You can even add family members to your profile and enter their information as well. In a case that a child goes missing, if the parents had the child on their Smart 911 profile, the information and photo is automatically sent out to first responders.

Ronya Marveggio, telecommunications manager, said she recommends the program to anyone.

"Pretend someone stole my vehicle out of my driveway," Marveggio said. "In a panic, I'm not going to remember what my tag number is, but if it's in my profile, dispatchers already have it."

Marveggio said Smart 911 is private.

"The only time we can see your information, is if you call or text 911," she said. "After the line is dropped, so is the information."

Smart 911 is free to anyone in Arkansas who wants to sign up.

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