Gravette Begins Main Street Revitalization Project

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GRAVETTE (KFSM)-- Earlier in the week, the city of Gravette began work on a revitalization project that will change the look of Main Street.

Mayor Kurt Maddox said this all started a few years ago when the city passed a three quarters cent sales tax to help pay for the changes.

He said this includes new sidewalks, roads and street lights.

Crews have been working on taking out the old and replacing it with the news.

Local businesses in the area are excited about the changes happening right outside their door.

Les Wingo started his business, The Junken Sailor, around August of last year.

He said this change could bring more opportunities to what some call the heart of Gravette.

"To see it kind of get a face lift and kind of a bypass you would say, is going to help out you know with everybody," Wingo said. "It's going to bring business here, it's going to bring jobs."

Former mayor and current business owner Byron Warren said he too was optimistic about the changes.

He is worried about how some businesses will fare while crews work in the area.

"People just need to know that we are still open as merchants on Main Street and hope that they come and still frequent our shops,” Warren said.

Warren said even though he is excited about the work on Main Street, he thinks the city should have focused on something else.

"I think there should have been some other things done before Main Street got started but I’m happy that it’s here," Warren said. "Being a business on Main Street I know the future is going to be great for us, all the growth that is moving this way. So we need to get prepared.”

Maddox said the work will be done in between Highway 59 and 3rd Street.

The city hopes to have everything completed sometime around June.

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