Oklahoma Man Ordered To Pay Child Support Despite Not Being Father

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TULSA (KFSM) — A man in Oklahoma is hoping to change the law after he has to continue to pay child support for a baby that is not his, according to our affiliate KOTV. 

When Thomas’ high school girlfriend got pregnant, he married her. Five months later she had a little boy and he believed he had a son, but their marriage fell apart.

Thomas decided to take a paternity test when the boy was three years old.

“It comes back zero percent. I was in my office and I saw that. I should’ve expected it but I didn’t and it hit me. I’m telling my co-worker how shocked I am that someone could do this to someone,” he said.

The judge ordered Thomas to take another DNA test and he got the same result. The judge first ruled that Thomas was off the hook financially, but then reversed the decision because Oklahoma law says men must question paternity within two years of the child’s birth.

Thomas said that he had no reason to question it before he did, but, because he missed the deadline, the judge ordered him to pay around $500 a month in child support and nearly $15,000 in back support – for a child that is not his.

“I wish I was telling a lie,” he said. “I wish it wasn’t the truth but it is. That’s what makes it so crazy. Everyone I talk to about this can’t believe where the court system is coming from.”

Thomas wants lawmakers to change the law. He said he believes DNA matters regardless of when a man learns he’s not the father of a child.

“At this point, there’s really nothing I can do to get out of the $15,000 or get out of the child support, it’s done, it’s the law,” he said.



  • ugotthatrite

    this young man can’t even honor a marriage vow, so what makes him think the God fearing citizens would change a law that “lets him off the hook” financially. grow up, sonny boy!

    • Bill Smith

      I think it’s fairly obvious this woman is the problem here and more likely than not is the one that broke her vows. Even god understands and doesn’t make you stay with a slut.

    • Donald Maginnis

      The marriage was most likely based on the child being his. Marriages along with vows to a marriage based on a lie are invalid. This is most likely an annullable situation. An annulment based on fraud.

    • Ho Jo

      it appears she was fooling around while they were together in school. So why would she fool around when they got married, maybe even with the biological father? Appears he had honor enough to marry her when she got pregnant with what he thought was his baby.

    • Richard Whitaker

      Can’t honor a marriage vow? Where do you get that? The article does not say HE divorced her. Ever heard of NO FAULT divorce? 80.9% of divorces are initiated by women in this country. They get all the benefits after leaving too. Guess you never heard of alimony and mommy support either.

      • Elisi Newell

        That is correct and if you look at a CA case that is going on right now. Remember Flip or Flop? Well Tarek has filed for divorce after finding some inappropriate texts between Christina and the contractor Gary. Tarek has asked for spousal support as well as joint custody, but the kicker is that he wants Christina BLOCKED from being able to ask him for spousal support. Two wrongs never make it right. For both to have their realtors license and want the other to pay, is just sour grapes. Always look at the greed and corruption out of all our legal system. With all the laws that are slapped up against the people, it seems like the only decree a person should get any more in this country is a law degree, to be able to fight for yourself against a crooked system. Look at our government of lawyers, how many rules and regulations do they have for us, and how many do they have for them? I see this country spiraling more out of control every day.

    • Jim Scott

      You can’t be serious….this article was written because of the inequity of this young man’s situation. And you take it even one step further…I’ve never seen such a mindless statement. Just go away.

    • Mike O'Donnell

      You are a fool! She’s banging someone at the same time but leads him to believe he’s the only one! What about morals…Fk the vow! You sound bitter…election drama got you?

    • Jeff Kline

      Please defenestrate yourself, jackhole. A woman traps a guy into marriage, then sluts around, they divorce, and now the innocent guy is supposed to pay? go to hell.

    • ugotthatrite

      seems lots of you disagree that marriage is a sacred bond and vows meaningless, no wonder 7of 10 end in divorce. a real man knows how to handle adversity and live up to his word. so many here are worthless and weak. wah, wah it’s the woman’s fault. how bout grow up and act like a man….a real man….a role model.

      • brainstobrawn

        I can see right through you. You’re stuck in a crappy marriage with too many crappy kids and no better options than to stick with the status quo. You’re using your lack of options as a sign of virtue for the public. This, sir, is an old trick used in many situations in life.

      • Richard Whitaker

        UGOTNOBRAIN, You’re absolutely right. He should tie his wife up in the basement so she can’t go file for divorce to get Mommy support for a child that isn’t his. Then he will be keeping his vow. I’m glad you brought that up.

    • Show You How (@ShowUHowNow)

      Its not his you dumbass…why should you have to pay for something that is not yours…marriage? Give me a break…people like you have made a mockery out of it…thats why no sane person does it…its strictly a financial deal…thats it!

    • CO Jones

      Yet another tough-talking Jesus Freak (like someone asked: “What’s more likely: that a virgin birth occurred or a Jewish whore lied?”) who did nothing for 50 years as feminism ruined the nation.

      UGTR is yet another keyboarding coward doing nothing in the world save occupying space.

    • Rob Campbell

      Grow up? Not his kid, should not be his problem. This woman taking the money and anyone that supports it is on the side of immorality – whatever else this young man did or didn’t do. It is time for the woman to grow up and realize actions have consequences.

      • Mark Hillyard

        District Attorney would just take it out of your paycheck. I knew a guy who owed upwards of $50,000.00 and got his drivers license taken and couldn’t get to work. I’d hire him once in a while, he worked hard but could never pay the debt. Last I heard he fell off a ladder, broke major bones, and was in a government poor house for disabled people.

  • Mitch Owens

    i think they should do the same with criminals. even if your DNA proves you’re innocent, you still have to stay in jail because, hey, the judge thinks so!

    freaking ridiculous.

    • brainstobrawn

      You, sir, are a genius. This is the the US government in action. It is infallible and those who dissent should also be locked away. Who needs this kind of disruption?

  • Crystal Davis-Taylor

    I don’t think a man should have to pay child support when he is not the biological father. I DO think that laws should be harder on deadbeat parents. Deadbeat parents should be charged with neglect.

  • Wil Saint

    I’m all about fathers rights but if you raise a kid for 3 years as your own that counts in my book as adoption. What kind of an ass tells a kid of 3 or 4 “well I guess I’m off the hook -not your dad anymore”…

    • Harry Balsagna

      Well, the same kind of man whose been lied to for 3 years and is getting reamed by the courts and probably bankrupted too. Then you want to know why he’s not a better guy? You get the empathy you give, and nobody’s given this guy much. Monsters aren’t born, they’re created. This guy owes nobody anything at this point, and it’s weird that you expect him to be the only stand-up individual in all of this. Should be a lot more blame to go around.

      • Elisi Newell

        Thank you! You gave a spot on response. My only concern is that he may have to pay the child support, but how much control is this man going to have over this child’s life? Is the mother even going to give him visitation rights, or is she the one that is going to be coming up down the line with a wish list for the child and force this young man to pay for that as well? Sad part is if he wanted to put the child up for adoption, he would have no say due to the fact the biological father is the only one that can challenge that. I say if you want off the hook, find the one she slept with and force a DNA test in ANOTHER state. Either let him come forward and claim his child, or give you the right to terminate YOUR parental rights. I would love for him to go before the judge and say I want to sign adoption papers. Then lets see how the judge operates. If he allows it and down the line we find the REAL father did not even know about this, how is the judge going to like it when the REAL FATHER comes out and states that his PARENTAL RIGHTS were violated by this judge, by not allowing him to claim his own blood? This judge is opening himself up to a lawsuit down the road, and he deserves to pay every dollar he is forced to pay. That would be REAL JUSTICE in the USA.

    • brainstobrawn

      I see where you’re getting at, but you skipped over the issue of the biological father. The kid should know. Unfortunately, in this case, the kid may have to deal with the consequences of the mother’s poor decisions. Kids always suffer from poor parenting decidioms. A kid should know their immediate biological heritage anyway in an instance like this — maybe not all instances.

    • Rob Campbell

      It is not his lie that created the situation. It is hers. If this man wants no obligation to the child he can’t be blamed for the tragedy. Men do not exist merely to provide service to women and children who need it.

    • Richard Whitaker

      WIL, you are a cuck mangina enabler of female superiority and enslavement of men, obviously. With as high as 1 in 5 kids passed off as the child of the wrong father, in some areas of the US, this is why paternity tests should be automatic at birth. Men are just TOO DAMNED TRUSTING of women.

    • Elisi Newell

      The interesting part is when the biological father finds that his child has been given to another without his consent. Is he going to sue the judge, mother, or the innocent man that doesn’t want to pay for another man’s child. How about him signing adoption papers to have his parental rights terminated? He can’t do it, he isn’t the BIOLOGICAL father. That is the only father that has the right to allow his child to be adopted. Of course you do have to consider, it is OK after all. Possible the child is a product of that typical OK behavior, the real father will turn out to be her half brother or her mother’s new husband. Isn’t that the OK values, keep it all in the family?

  • Barb Miller

    He knew the boy for 3 years and thought the boy was his. You would think he would love the boy. He shouldn’t be forced to pay, but wouldn’t he want to support a child he loved as his own for three years?

    • theotherhanddude

      since he’s not the biological father, the mother has full legal right to deny him access to the child.

    • Harry Balsagna

      Because the money goes to the mother. It’s not all spent for ‘child support’. He basically has to pay the person who has repeatedly wronged him. Everyone acts like child support magically all goes to the child. It doesn’t it goes to the mother. It’s mother support.

  • Zrev Tom (@zrev_tom)

    The law states that even a sperm donor that is supposed to be anonymous can be forced to
    pay child support when two lesbians divorced and the found out who the sperm donor was, took him
    to court and made to pay child support

    • MikeH

      Well, yes and no. The ‘loving’ lesbian couple knew the ‘sperm doner’. He was a friend of theirs and they asked him to donate his sperm for a child. A few year later, when the relationship soured and the loving couple (remember, gay love is a true love, that’s what I get told) went thru a divorce, since the procedure was done at home (presume a “meat injector” was used (LOL)) and NOT in a doctors office, he was considered the father, not just a doner. So the state made him pay support, not the ‘other mommy’. But it did get overturned later I believe.
      As for this case, given that she cheated on him in school, he probably didn’t know about it and presumed the baby was his. Doing the honorable thing, he marries her. After a few years of monogamy, the wife/mommy probably picked up her old habits and cheated on him again, that may be why the divorce and the need to check paternity. She probably knows at least to one or two boys, who the father is, unless it was a drunken sex thing, then this guy is probably screwed, again. And as one other commentor noted, since he’s not the biological father, he doesn’t get visitation if she chooses.

    • Lauri Barnes

      Um…I think God, if there is one, is probably genderless. I know that God is traditionally portrayed as male, but I think that s/he is a spiritual creature, not a physical one.

  • Floyd Hatcher

    Hey! Oklahoma, get your head out. It’s not his kid, not his responsibility. Change your stupid law to read “AT ANY POINT SOMEONE FINDS OUT IT ISN’T THEIR KID, CHILD SUPPORT STOPS. AND THE MAKE THE MOTHER PAY BACK ALL THE PREVIOUS CHILD SUPPORT. LET THE REAL FATHER TAKE CARE OF HIS OWN KID.”

  • Secret Person (@guy38310)

    Guys, go get a VASECTOMY & you’ll save lots of $$$ money and retire early. Let the unfair dumb aced system figure out how to get another generation of people to perpetuate THIER schemes.

    Taking my double PhD. Genes with me when I go………Good luck America….jokes on you……lmap

  • Nelson Lovejoy

    sorry, i just wouldnt pay it, never…..they could stick me in jail and let the media handle the outcome. it would hit the media and would be blown up. no way i would pay for her actions that included screwing around and then sticking it on me!! her fault no questions about it. it would be that she go after the father or settle for no child support at all!!!

  • theotherhanddude

    This is majorly messed up. Why not pass another crazy law like any woman that intentionally or unintentionally deceives her partner as to the fatherhood of her child will have to pay back that man all that he’s spent on raising that child. Yeah, it sounds bad, but no more bad than the other law.

  • Jimmie Jam Meeks

    The child support court system is horrible. Treat you like a convict from day 1. Its all aimed at taking as much as they can from men. Be a man who has custody like I was and nothing, never got a cent .

    • Michael Schmidtman

      Just like me. I was stopped by a highway patrolman for a broken taillight. The cop tole me there was a “hold” on my driver’s license because I owed child support. I told him that was impossible as I had full custody of both my daughters per family court order. He let me go after telling me I was lucky. I could have gone to jail and had my car confiscated.
      I went back to family court and won child support from HER, but they never cleared the debt they falsely attributed to me. The money I supposedly got for “child support” didn’t come to me, went straight to paying off the debt to her that I never owed.
      The money she was “reimbursing” me for “support” ran out within 6 months of my youngest reaching 18 years of age. I never collected a penny, but I sure as hell felt blessed for having my daughters to raise and live with for all those years. It was just harder than it should have been financially because of the dumb-ass family court system.

    • CO Jones

      Jimmie Jam Meeks: >”The child support court system is horrible.”

      Men let it happen. Martians don’t make laws. NOW (the National Organization for Women) was formed 50 years ago.
      Quick: name 1 (ONE!) men’s rights group with any clout in the entire Western world?

      Men are wimps. They won’t protect their sons, families, jobs, anything. All they want to do is drink beer and watch sports on TV.

      I bet this guy laughed about men’s rights up until he got the CS order. He’s not laughing now. And just as many men care about him as he cared about other men…until recently.

      • Rob Campbell

        Yeah, I don’t think that is a fair statement about men at all. Men are biologically driven to protect and provide. We are socialized to put ourselves last. You know the whole “women and children first” and “dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” thing? Well, because of that men tend not to self advocate. The problem is not men. The problem is the nanny state created by cultural Marxism. It is doing exactly what it was designed to do, which is tear apart society. Men “letting it happen” was due to the basic desire among men to love and cherish women. Women yelled and man’s natural desire to please women sought to rectify it. As out of control as everything is, I firmly believe men should go their own way and not play the rigged game in their early adult years.

      • Josheph Blaugh

        @Rob Campbell,Jones is right. Men have become pussified. If men can’t defend their sons and society by standing up to feminism then they are pussy cowards that should be wearing women’s underwear.

  • Jasper Newton

    Drudge links to this lousy, hoaxing media website, and they get 40 comments on a story – far more than any other crap they post on here from CNN. “15 minutes of fame” over.

  • iKlaud (@KlaudiaVeltheim)

    Ever hear of Disestablishment of Paternity? It is a procedure that could end in a court order declaring the father to not be the father. A successful outcome also results in the termination of all support obligations. To be successful under that statute you must act quickly and you must file the correct paperwork. The last thing someone might want to do is to pay child support for the next 18 years for a child that does not belong to them. Especially for a child you don’t even get to see. Perhaps the real father WANTS to be in the picture, as well

  • Tim Gerrells

    While sitting in a local county court watching a case I had no connection to, the county judge (whom I actually found very competent and user friendly) stated to a defendant: “This is a court of law, not a court of justice.” Sums up modern law rather succinctly, eh?

  • Mike Kruczaj

    Our Country has a Constitution and the Constitution has several Amendments. The 13th Amendment was passed and it forbad slavery and involuntary servitude. This man is being forced to pay for something that he is not responsible for and that is depriving him of his movement and the confiscation of his property.

  • dntme

    What he needs to do is find the actual father and get the court to make him pay. The court needs to force this whore to name him.

  • Richard Whitaker

    No statute of limitations on two things, murder and fraud. This was clearly fraud, but why would a female EVER be accountable for her actions? That’s what feminaziism is all about.

  • snailmailtrucker

    I bet if he was given custody of the Child…he would be happy to support it and
    give it a better home than the Mother who only wanted an income stream !

  • David Demarke

    The fairest thing would be within 2 years of when the father knew or reasonably should have known the paternity of the child. That way, if they knowingly assume responsibility and the other parties rely on it, he can’t later just back out, but protects the ones that innocently relied on information from the mother that don’t find out until much later.

  • Edie Faylor

    I used to be a Child Support Officer in CA. The system is a joke, and the amount to be paid is a certain percentage of the man’s earings. I can understand taking the percentage of an average salary, but when you have a professional football player on the hook, the percentage remains the same. The excess money taken from the man should be put in a trust for the child and not spent by some woman who refuses to work and basically lives off the child support. This is wrong and men are treated badly by the system. They have no rights to visitations unless the spouse agrees and most of the time they don’t just to be evil.

  • Art Carney

    back in the 70’s a man I knew had been separated from his wife for well over a year. SHe had a child before they were divorced. The court order him to pay child support. He told the judge that he had not even talked nice to this lady for over a year. The judge said it did not matter, it was born durning their marriage and the laws says it is your. SO he pair child support for 18 years for a child h his

  • Jeff Kline

    Women have reproductive rights; men have reproductive obligations.
    I pay my ex $1,000/month when I have the kids 70% of the time. Welcome to Amerika…
    Burn the legal system to the ground and start over… or let another Civil War begin.

  • Richard Braud

    I agree that he should continue to pay. The child has bonded with him and is not responsible. It would harm the child to suddenly find out that his daddy does not want him any more. It is not just this mans life that is affected. The woman should also be made to pay. All the money should go into a monitored account so that it is not misused or wasted. If the woman knowingly did this that is perpetrating a Fraud and appropriate action should be taken. My Two Cents Worth.

  • Judge Jury (@Kissmygavel)

    The real father should be found and either given custody or have to pay the woman child support. BUT does it not bother anyone else that this metrosexual who thought he was the child’s father now only cares about the money? If it were me I would care more about custody of the child and I would seek to adopt him or her.

  • Tempo Gls

    Is the state supposed to be responsible for the tab if this were caught 17 years down the line? Fact is, many women get pregnant and cant afford to raise the kid to the most optimal level by themselves. The state’s objective is the kids and child support is not the type of thing to be settled retroactively. Kids will always come first in the eyes of the court so settle you’re custody disputes up front.

    • Tempo Gls

      I pay $1800/mo for two of the little buggers but they are worth every penny, I spend my share of time with the kids, but also recognize that I need to get along with my ex’s for things to be successful long term. Love your kids but love your kid’s other half from a comfortable distance.

  • Nita Blessitt Pate

    Or he could refuse to pay it and go sit in jail, let the state feed, clothe, and house him free of charge. After a while maybe the just us system would see the error of their laws. The mother of the child should know who the true father is, and go after him for child support. That kid was either dumb as a bag of rocks or just tried helping out a girl he loved and it now is biting him in the rear.

  • Jay Lowell

    I guess its like paying your next door neighbors car payment every month without owning the car. Very unfair but justice and the law aren’t always the same thing. karma will have to dole out the justice.

  • Randall Paul Allen

    I think this law should be changed, but is there anything Thomas can do?
    I don’t know, since I’m not a lawyer, but I would be asking my attorney if it is possible to file a civil suit against the mother for fraud. If it was me, in the suit, as damages, I’d simply ask for any child support for this child (past, present and future) to be “reimbursed” to me (meaning, in effect, I wouldn’t have to pay it at all). Depending on the financial situation of the mother, perhaps I would ask for her to pay the attorney fees. I probably wouldn’t ask for any punitive damages, as that might make me look vindictive.

  • Tea Rose (@enigman52)

    He was a stand-up guy to marry the girl…and I would hope he would be a stand up guy again to the little boy, who has known only Thomas as his father for the past three years. It’s not fair, but this child needs a strong and supportive man in his little life who will always be there for him, because it looks like he’s going to have a difficult enough time with the mother he’s been given….who knows how many different men will be in and out of the child’s life because of his mother? :(

    • Josheph Blaugh

      No,he married a whore. A whore that fucked around behind his back. He is no stand up guy he is a fool. Since you are overlooking what she did that tells a lot about your character too.

  • Glenn Jodopeg

    Oh well…!,,,, That’s how it goes,,, that’s marriage in modern America,,,no body forced him to marry the wh0re……
    Marriage for the most part is a broken institution,
    it’s a trap for the man and a pay raise for the woman willing to sell her twat to a foolish buyer.
    I will meet some guys that brag how they’re happily married and then later find out that they’re keeping a Track-Phone, condoms and lube stashed under the spare tire in the trunk of their car. Because they have to sneak around and live in fear that the wife will find out and want to Cash Out of the marriage , divorcing the dummy, leaving him penniless….LOL..!

  • Kenny Ray Oxenrider

    I would be tracking down the real father. Hire a private eye to follow any suspect, get anything he touched that would leave dna, and grab a witness when you do it. Make sure it is an approved way to do it and then head back to court.

  • Sam Dennis

    The two year period is arbitrary. The mother’s deception appears to be the causal factor for his delay in checking paternity, not Thomas’s behavior. This law, obviously designed to protect the child, needs to be revised so that the mother is required to disclose the identity of the actual father to enable appropriate support proceedings to be undertaken. There is no reason to allow the person responsible to escape his obligation.

  • John Sprague

    Usually, when fraud occur’s, the statute of limitations do not start to tick until the fraud is discovered. The woman committed a fraud, she named the wrong man as the father of her child. The Courts are violating the civil rights of the victim because they deny him equal protection under the law.

  • John Henrick

    Get the mother to tell who the father is, if she hasn’t slept with dozens of men, and get him to pay the child support. The law needs to be changed to make the two years into an indefinite period of time, until the child comes of age and the father is no longer responsible. It’s a terrible thing to have this judgment over your head, knowing that you’ll be going to jail if you don’t keep paying.

  • Richard Biocca

    A reward for dishonesty. Another step in the official, notarized stamp of approval of loss of morals and ethics in our country. One day historians will look back on the elimination of prayer in our school systems and shudder at what happened in our country.

  • Dick Nixon

    This has been done in NYC for years. I work with a guy who “had two children” with his girlfriend. Not wife….girlfriend. He found out through DNA the boy was not his. He goes to court….too bad…..he was a participating custodial parent beforehand so tag he’s it. He’s responsible for the thug until he’s 18. Best is this brood sow wench has another kid that some other schlep is paying for that’s not his. Kicker….she a NYC Metro Police Sgt and tools around in a 2016 7 series BMW while these poor little head thinkers work two jobs to survive.

  • Roy Alba

    How convenient for this anti male judge his or her name was not released. The family court system has been anti male for years and now in Oklahoma is even extorting the males. This judge should be removed from the bench, Thomas relieved of paying support to his two timing former girlfriend, and the legislature should immediately change this law.

  • Michael Redford

    Oh well that’s fair. She is a cheating skank who lied to cover it up and the law says. “Look, if you can cover the lie for at least 2 years you are on the gravy train!”

    Yeah that’s a good law.

  • Dan Thomas

    This isn’t the first time this has happened and it most definitely will not be the last.
    That poor little boy… You’re the only father he knows, and to leave the picture now will be very damaging to him.
    Suck it up, make the most of situation, and be a great father to the boy. He deserves that and you’ll get your reward for being a good human being later down the road.

    • Lal Wynstrom

      That of course is a magnanimous thought, Dan, and many men have done exactly as you’ve suggested throughout time (even before DNA testing) when they had reasonable suspicion a child(ren) did not biologically belong to them. However, in the end, what you’re also asking men to do is simply allow women who intentionally defraud men of their resources to just “let it go” for the sake of the child, to suck up not only the pain of being lied to, sometimes for years or even decades, but to also allow the woman to benefit from her deception by using the coercive power of the State – via the court system – to take from him his money and even the child him/herself if she chooses to cut him out of the kid’s life via divorce or other deliberate alienation. You are asking said men to continue permitting a deceptive woman to be able to repeatedly take from him more resources every time he gets a wage increase or creates a business where his financial resources grow. You are asking such men to have their business and professional licenses, their driver’s licenses, their cars, and bank accounts seized, and their persons thrown in jail for inability (or refusal) to pay for court-mandated and sanctioned fraud. No, sir, that is called slavery and it cannot be accepted. If a woman were subjected to fraudulent implantation of another woman’s fertilized eggs into her womb without her consent, and then forced into caring for 18-20 years for another woman’s child without her knowledge, believing it was her own, we would easily see the immorality and illegality of why that is impermissible. And laws would be lobbied for, and eventually passed, to ensure it did not happen. The irony is that science has made what I just stated possible (even though it does not happen with anywhere near the frequency of paternity fraud). But science has also made the ability of DNA paternity readily available. It is well past time to give men the option of that identification and assurance; it’s one of the reasons I’m in favor of DNA disclosure at birth. And in those cases where a man’s paternity is disestablished thanks to modern genetic science, we should be an enlightened enough society to set him free of any obligations to a lying, deceptive partner – unless he chooses to remain in those obligations of his own free will.

  • James Kent

    lawyers have turned divorce into a big money game for themselves. Everyone is put at risk with bizarre rules. Judges make flaky decisions to benefit their fellow lawyers.

  • Mark S Grantom

    Texas has a similar law, the Uniform Parentage Act of 2000. It should be challenged as being a violation of Due Process under the 5th amendment, but most Obligors do not have the money or time necessary to appeal it all the way.

  • dsnow3

    The child support is for the child not the mother. Based on the limit set in law, this dude is on the hook. If he had any suspicions he should have requested a DNA test right after the birth.

  • Tou Parish

    No sympathy here. He IS the father of this child after being the father for the first 3 years. This equals an ADOPTION since he didnt question the parentage early on. Its about the kid, not the mother. I side with the judge on this one.

  • Marty Martin

    Men get screwed on this stuff all the time. All you hear from the Fems is it’s a woman’s right to chose. BS it takes 2 to make a child yet in society and the courts it’s all about the women. This guy got screwed TWICE!

  • Rocky Harden

    There is a way out of this. Refuse to pay it. Of course the “justice system” will put him in prison, but at least the conniving woman won’t get any money. In the meantime take advantage of the prison system. Do body building. Take college courses. Eventually the politicians will tire of being made to look foolish and let him out.

  • Abriana Zinich

    This happens all too often and not just in Oklahoma. I heard of another case, where when the man found out he wasn’t the child’s father, and the mother of the child and him split up, and she went to live with the REAL father of the child, the man had to pay her child support. So he, in effect was paying child support to the mother and father of the child. How is this justice. The court ruled the same about the 2 year thing, but it was the woman who lied to him telling him he was the father. Why wasn’t she charged with paternity fraud? DNA should now be given at birth, with the mother, and the name of the person whom the mother is putting on the birth certificate.

    The laws in these states need to be changed.

  • Travis Jack

    Some states have a “delayed discovery” rule which stops the statute of limitations from running on claims like this. Ask her best friend who else she was banging in high high school. Sue him. Sue her for fraud. I feel bad for the son. He is screwed.

  • Candy Flopburg

    really? Oklahoma? so the real father can keep playing the field while homy pays the bill? thats nuts man what is this doing in Amaruka? 2017 folks DNA testing is accurate the man is not the father period! the real father is laughing at him sucker and the state is enabling this great evil in Oklahoma ? repeal this caveman law award tom 8,000,000,000,000.00 dollars to send a message laws need to be changed for technology time and again? find a more modern states

  • Dads Detective (@DadsDetective)

    This is a ridiculous and archaic law. This is why it is so important for organizations like the Fatherhood Educational Institute to continue to fight for fair laws. I know in Illinois there are law firms like The Law Offices of Jeffery Leving that fight for these fathers but unfortunately there are not enough people who care. I’m glad this story got out because this type of injustice happens all the time in our broken court system.

  • Kruel Hunter

    Unless we believe that all sex between men and women is some form of rape it is clear that the female, girl or woman as you prefer, has the ultimate decision as to whether or not to conceive. It is she who becomes pregnant and therefore she who is most vitally interested in contraception. She is an active participant, not a victim of masculine charms beyond her power to resist. In fact some religions teach that it is the female who is the seducer, reducing males to mere breeding animals with her irresistible charms and so must be hidden form male eyes lest the male be driven mad with lust at the mere sight of the female shape.

    Either way, except in cases of forcible rape the woman has the last opportunity to and the best reason to say no. It’s simple ladies, if you don’t want the baby, don’t have the sex.

  • Albert W Dziennik (@mellowde2)

    With states getting matching funds from the federal government for any money they collect from child support that is in arrears (owed for months or years prior to the present), it’s no wonder they don’t care who’s name they put on the paperwork. This is a huge money-maker for states and generally unknown to most citizens. The federal matching funds law was passed by the Clinton administration with impetus provided by Hillary Clinton back in the 90’s. I know this because I was a victim of this myself. I dove in to uncover this fine point in the law due to unfair treatment in my own case.

  • ud1951

    Sorry, the child needs to be provided for. You were married to the woman when the child was born, so legally speaking you are the father in most states, DNA or not. But the bottom line is, you may hate the ex, but the child still needs to be provided for.

  • Ken Schroeder

    Definitely the biological father should be kicking in. But the kid see’s the ex as daddy. So maybe split it between the two. Unfortunately the bad guy here is the slutty wife who makes out no matter what. Th bio dad may have been told by her she was on the birth control (And could have been it’s not 100%) but nothing would have happened without her bad behavior. Split it between the two dads and if she won’t tell who he is then she only gets 1/2. She’d tell in short order. Given the way courts treat fathers now a days I’m surprised any young man would have kids. The woman has all the power and you get bills and maybe 2 times a month visitation plus being destroyed financially. No downside for the woman, a man can’t make a child by themselves..

  • Joel Croy

    Let me suggest something radical:
    1. If a woman says no and the man continues, he is guilty of rape.
    2. To continue the pregnancy, the women has 100% authority to continue or terminate the pregnancy.

    This means that according to law, the woman has 100% of the power in the reproductive rights and men have 0% power. Under those circumstances forcing men to have any more than 0% responsibility is tyranny and oppression. Since women have 100% of the power they must have 100% of the cost.

    This argument needs to be tested using the 14th amendment and then it will need to go to the Supreme Court. A good lawyer will win this. And it is so out of convention, I suspect the SCOTUS will rewrite all the laws. Then watch the Chickens squawk.

  • suzcorner

    This man isn’t grieving the biological lost of his son? This man is the only father this child knows. This man is the father listed on the birth certificate. This man doesn’t know it now, but he has a wonderful opportunity to complete the lifelong steal of the sperm donor’s son as his own, by being the one who’s THERE for that child. It’s not just about money. It’s about the cosmic loss for the sperm donor, and the cosmic win for this man, of saving his father/son relationship with the child. Which ultimately will also majorly irk the mother who tried to have it all.

    But this guy doesn’t appear to think that big or that far into the future.

  • Rick Boc

    What’s new, Massachusetts,has been Doing this for decades,men still pay long after mom’s passing,as well. Seen them slap $10.000 in interests ,on $2000 in back payments too. Bunch of criminals ,as far as im concerned…

  • Randy Dryburgh (@rwdim)

    This is ridiculous. In virtually every other legal sense, the statute of limitations begins when you first find out or learn of the issue at hand. Given that, he should have two years from the date he first suspected he wasn’t the father, not two years from the birth, unless the birth occurred after he first suspected.

  • Kim Gudmundsrud

    the land of the free. your laws are so fucked up, specialy anything between man and woman. i do not undersand how anyone dare marrying another person in usa. and the only land where DE Beers 3 month salary dimondring scam actually worked.

  • Scott Arthur Orpwood

    i think if a women gets found out that she has been misleading a man and making him think that its his baby when its not the women should get done for fraud or make it a case of DNA tests are compulsory.

  • Chris Shepard

    But remember, we are told women are powerless and helpless, and that we evil men are always preventing them from being the astronauts and millionaires that they could have been if weren’t for men keeping them down. So shut up and pay for that whore’s baby, her and alcohol and cigarettes, and the condoms that she needs when she is tricking with her other Johns.

  • Jordan Eilbert

    So lemme get this straight:

    Girl has sex with a few guys. One of these assholes goes “Nah baby, I don’t need no rubber” and gets her knocked up. That’s wrong on that guy.
    Girl, however, decided: “Shit I don’t know who the daddy is so I better just figure on the man who can best support me and the child vs the most likely candidate.” – that’s bad on her. If you can’t afford the kid… put him/her up for adoption.

    Now, with this madness, this poor schmuck is going to pay $500 a month plus $15k – but I have a question, what did she get from the divorce? like… the actual divorce.

  • John Casey

    That 2 year limit is complete bullshit, what if there were no signs or reason to question paternity. Why isn’t the woman on the hook for not telling him the baby may not have been his… he wasn’t there when she screwed someone else… she was.

  • Alexandra Nofi

    And the guy who actually is the biological father of the child, may not know he even has a child. Maybe he wants to be a part of his son’s life? It’s also possible he knows and doesn’t care. But either way, HE is the own who should be held responsible for that child, not the man mentioned in this article.

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