Youngblood Impacts Lions On And Off The Court

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- UA Fort Smith’s Seth Youngblood has been a standout player since his days at Roland high school. The former Ranger even garnered attention from some DI schools, but Lions' head coach Josh Newman fought hard to get Youngblood on his team. Chasing after Youngblood since his junior year at Roland.

 "Seth is the ideal recruit for us," said Lions head coach Josh Newman. "He’s from Fort Smith, he’s a phenomenal kid, has a great family, great support group, the community loves him, and he’s a fantastic player. For us, it was a home run."

"I love to win," said Youngblood.  "The DI offers that looks that I had really weren’t a winning school so I came here to look forward to winning and that’s what we do here."

Now, four years later in his final season with the Lions, Youngblood has impacted the program on and off the court. The senior guard is the school’s all-time leading scorer, surpassing a thousand career points his junior season, but he also has helped rally the community behind the Lions.

 "His legacy besides the points, besides his personality, is going to be the impact he made with our program in our community," said Newman. "The community has embraced him and loves him to death.  I think that’s going to be the biggest thing is that a hometown young man basically holds all of the records here at our university and our basketball program."

After UAFS Youngblood will seek a professional basketball career overseas. If he is able to do so he will be the 18th former Lion to became a professional basketball player in the past 11 years.