Garrett’s Blog: 2016 Warmest Year On Record; What About Arkansas?

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Global Temperatures

The year 2016 was the warmest on record globally since record keeping began in 1880.

The trend of warming follows the post industrial era which has experienced continual warming since the 1970s and is believed to be caused by an increase greenhouse gas emissions which increases the radiative heating which is absorbed by our ocean & atmosphere.

Warmest Years

The hottest year on record for our area was in 2012 for both Fayetteville and Fort Smith.

The year 2016 ranks as the 3rd hottest on record in Fort Smith and 7th hottest on record in Fayetteville.

Since the year 2000, the global temperature record has been broken five times in: 2005, 2010, 2014, 2015, & 2016.