Adventure Arkansas: Free Rock Climbing At Lewis And Clark Outfitters

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Hey guys, Megan Graddy here, for this week’s adventure Arkansas we are at Lewis and Clark Outfitters where we are taking this adventure to new heights!

On weekends until the end of January they will have free rock climbing at both their Springdale and Rogers locations.

The store manager at the Springdale location, Jared Gage, said anyone can come and try this indoor adventure!

"You don't have to be an expert climber to come in here and climb, we see kids as young as two and as old as 65 who have come in and climbed our wall," said Gage.

Kirk another employee at Lewis and Clark said his kids love the wall.

"I had my kid's birthday parties here, they had a blast, it's a lot of fun," said Kirk.

But birthday parties are the only possibility for the wall Lewis and Clark..

"We also do a lot of group events like church youth groups like to come in and climb with us and also a lot of businesses like to bring their employees in for team building exercises," said Gage.

Kids can climb their way to a new Adventure, race a friend for a chance to get their name on the “Speed Race” wall, or maybe overcome their fear of heights.

"We've got about four different routes, we always have a belayer on staff to keep it nice and safe and fun," said Kirk.

"Once they get up there, you can see the enjoyment and excitement, sometimes nervousness on their face, just to see that sense of accomplishment on their face is just rewarding," said Kirk.

After seeing someone take on the advanced section, I was ready for them to show me the ropes!

After a few minutes, I had made it to the top and was able to ring the cow bell!

Coming down was the easy part!

Lewis and Clark encourage you to try on the shoes you are interested in purchasing and get rigged up.

"So along with our climbing wall we have a full assortment of gear, so we have a lot of shoes that people can try on and make sure they are getting the right type of climbing shoe, the right size, and the right fit, they can come down here and test it on the wall and make sure it's the right one for them," said Gage.

"So bring the whole family in, the kids, mom and dad can climb while your shopping around for shoes, apparel, or bikes the kids can climb for free on the weekends until the end of the month," said Gage.

To find out about the climbing parties or hours for the Lewis and Clark Outfitters climbing wall, click here!

"It doesn't matter if it's cold outside, rainy, or hot and sunny you can come in and climb in a comfortable environment with your friends and family and it's just a real fun time for everybody to enjoy," said Gage.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas I’m Megan Graddy.

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