Fayetteville Man Searches For 1988 Mustang After Father’s Death

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Months after his father was killed, a man in Fayetteville is trying to find the car they rebuilt together.

Kendall Price said his father first bought the 1988 Ford Mustang when he was about 15 years old. He said he remembers being very excited when he first learned that car would be what he would get to drive in a few years.

"It was cool and man we put countless hours into it," Price said. "Tearing down the motor, painting it.”

A few years later, Price's father was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. The work on the Mustang stopped and they sold it to their neighbor to help pay for treatment.

Price said he knows the car went to Tahlequah, Oklahoma, but is not sure where it went after that. He decided to make some posts of Facebook to see if anyone could help him get back into the driver's seat.

“Even bad news is still good news," Price said. "If someone bought it and they wrecked it and totaled it out, I mean wrap it around a tree, it’d still be nice to know 'hey we bought that car, it’s now totaled, I’m sorry, but here’s information.' I mean the absolute worst case is no one comes up.”

His post includes information about the car like the VIN number and other details he remembers about the Mustang when his family owned it. Price said he would give anything to bring the car back to Northwest Arkansas.

“If I get it back, it’s like that part of me is back together. Even though I don’t have my dad, I’ll sit in the driver’s seat and I can remember whenever I was 15 sitting in the passenger seat helping him install the radio," he said. "It’s just all the memories, flashbacks, the stuff I’m wanting, trying to find back.”

Price is offering a $100 reward for any information leading to the Mustang. He said the best way to get in touch with him is to send him a message on Facebook.


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