Greenwood’s K-9 Kina, Handler Receive New Patrol Vehicle

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GREENWOOD (KFSM)- Cpl. Dennis Wisner and his K-9 officer, Kina have a new set of wheels to patrol in after their unit was shot 16 times in August of last year while responding to a disturbance call in Sebastian County.

"I just got the vehicle," Wisner said. "I've had enough time to get moved back into it and I'm ready to go out on patrol now."

After being shot, Kina went missing for several days before being reunited with her handler.

Wisner said this is a fresh start.

"She's in the process of getting used to [the car]," Wisner said. "But, so far, it's good and she loves it."

The new unit has technologies to keep Kina and Wisner safe.

"If I'm on a traffic stop or on a call and I get into trouble or somebody attacks me, I could push a button on my belt and it'll open up her door to where she could come help me and assist me," Wisner said.

The technologies include a new feature to protect Kina if she were to be left in the car.

"All of my lights would come on, my siren would come on, all the windows would drop on the vehicle," Wisner said. "There's a fan on her door that would kick on and start circulating air; it would help her survive until I can get back to her."

The new vehicle even has the ability to transport a prisoner, something new for the duo.

"My old vehicle wasn't able to transport a prisoner," Wisner said. "But, with this vehicle, there's a three-quarter kennel, which means she rides behind me and I can transport one prisoner on the passenger side rear."

Greenwood Police Chief Will Dawson said the new vehicle serves as closure.

"We feel secure that they're out there safe and doing their job and just in their own car," Dawson said. "She can get back to being on normal patrol in a kennel."

So for Kina and Cpl. Wisner, it's back to work as usual.

"She's doing good," Wisner said. "She's already been cleared medically and mentally as far as work goes. She's back at work, she's doing awesome."

The Greenwood School resource officer also received a new vehicle. The unit features a big screen TV and X-Box in the back. The department hopes this will help the officer easily interact with students.

The K-9 vehicle was outfitted and striped from public donations that came in during the time Kina was injured. The resource vehicle was also outfitted from public donations.