Arkansas Women’s March Rallies For Equal Rights, Unity At State Capitol

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LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) -- Little Rock joined cities across the world, holding a Women's March at the state capitol.

More than 4,000 people registered for the march, which highlighted the fight for gender and civil equality. Only a day after President Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Arkansans looked ready to send a message.

Kendra Johnson, the Human Rights Campaign state director, hopes this march adds comfort during a time when the country seems divided.

"We have to stand together as one to ensure that our interests are represented under this incoming administration,” Johnson said. "People need to realize is it takes political engagement. It takes standing with your neighbor and respect for us to move forward as a country."

Aubrey McCabe, a feminist activist, said she hopes that march like this will force more activism.

"I just believe in the equality between men and women," McCabe said. "I don't think that we should have to be protesting this kind of thing."

Janet Perkins hopes this will bring about change, but she said it would take help from those around the country to make it all possible, by sending a message that they are unified and looking to address inequality head on.

"We are here standing in solidarity saying we're wanting to be a part of the solution, and we are willing to work on that,” Perkins said. She hopes that President Trump will bring the country closer together by addressing economic injustice, provide quality education, and healthcare for all Americans.


Credit: KTHV

Credit: KTHV

"I'm hoping that he keeps talking about unity, I'm hoping that he will develop a message that is truly about bringing this country together,” Perkins said.

Organizers hope it doesn’t stop here; they hope this march keeps people motivated and pushing for not only a better state but a better nation.

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  • Randy Ingle

    What confuses me is women have same rights as men as far as I know. Yes, there is some disparity in wages which I do not agree with as equal pay is the moral thing to do. It’s just confusing to me but I’m a man.

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