Sebastian County Humane Society Raises Money With Duct Tape Competition

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- The volunteers and employees at the Sebastian County Humane Society spent their Saturday (Jan. 21) with duct tape, all to raise money for the shelter.

"I was going across Pinterest and I saw this principal get duct taped to a wall," volunteer manager, Amber Neal said. "I thought our volunteers and staff members would really like to duct tape us to something."

For every dollar donated, a strip of duct tape was used to attach three of the shelter's supervisors to a wall.

"The technique I was using was just take a big strip, cut it and go across the body," animal care technician, Raul Ortiz said. "We used about 11 rolls of duct tape."

With more than 20 volunteers participating, employees said the fundraiser was a hit.

"We came out pretty good and I hope that we can come up with some more ideas to get the community involved to come and help us here at the shelter," kennel supervisor, Marcus White said.

Neal said this is a way for the community to help make a difference.

"We always want to get people involved," Neal said. "It's not just about making the money. It's about getting people active and happy to come to the shelter and be able to make a difference for the animals."

All proceeds from the fundraiser will go back to the humane society.

"This will just go straight to our general funds," Neal said. "We always need money for medicine, surgeries, and our gas. We need it for just about anything we can imagine."

The next fundraiser for the Sebastian County Humane Society will be Valentine Grams, where the volunteers will had deliver cards and roses, while also bringing along a furry friend.