Southside School Board Talks Damaged Ceiling Solution

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- The Southside school board will discuss a proposal that could fix part of the ceiling at the high school.

The ceiling leaks and affects a stretch of about five classrooms, according to assistant principal Travis Biggs.

"The issues have been in this south hallway," Biggs said. "This hallway's in the same roof-line since 1963."

The board will meet on Monday night (Jan. 23) to $1.3 million dollar proposal that would fix the problem for the long-term.

'We fixed it for short-term and found out that it needs to be fixed for long-term, and that's what we're doing now,' Biggs said.

The problems mainly occur after rain.

"There were, especially after periods of a lot of rain, there would be a little bit of accumulation of water on the ceiling and a few times, it did drip down on the classroom," German teacher Michael Parker said.

Teachers said they have had to get creative with ways to handle water leaking into their classrooms.

"It was always somewhat amusing when a drop would come down," Parker said. "It was always a little bit rusty colored, so I tried to make light of it and act like it wasn't a big deal." Parker said.

Biggs said the leaks affected a stretch of about five classrooms and the district has done all it can to patch up holes whenever issues arise.

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