Adventure Arkansas: Mount Kessler

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Hey guys, Megan Graddy here, today we are exploring Mount Kessler right off of exit 62 in Fayetteville, let’s see what we can find.

Mount Kessler is about 1,500 acres of rolling, twisting turning, natural features.

The Greenways is mainly privately owned, but about 200 acres belongs to the city of Fayetteville according to their website.

Local business co-owner Jamie Marvel visits the trail every week and said this area is a true hidden gem!

“I believe the University of Arkansas started these trails back when, they have expanded over time, it’s like 10 minutes from Fayetteville and nobody ever really knew about it, now it’s become a real popular place for people to come and hike, mountain bike, we see people running this thing,” said Marvel.

One of the most breathtaking spots during the hike has to be the lookout point though…

“One of the best views in this part of the country to look out into Oklahoma from here and there are great spots all over all the way to the top of the mountain and down the back side of it, so it’s a beautiful mountain,” said Marvel.

Grad student at U of A, Lauren Merk, and her dog Lewis frequent the trail as well.

“The lookout point, there is a couple along here the other thing is you can bike on this trail, it’s great for biking because you can go for so long,” said Merk.

But the lookout point isn’t the only land mark you will see on your hike…

Rock City is a cluster of rock formations, that my camera can’t do justice too!

“I love the rocks down here where there’s you are kind of in between  these two huge rocks I like to take Lewis, it’s usually when I’m around here I try to go in the middle of the day and the week so that when I don’t have class no one is really around and it’s just nice.. Just you and your dog,” said Merk.

For those who haven’t been before, here is what you need to be prepared for…

“My recommendation would be just be prepared for some inclines.. I mean I enjoy it, it’s nice to get your heart rate up a little bit but I know it is something you should be aware of,” said Merk.

The best part about the trail though.

“The fact that it’s planted right here in the middle of all this wonderful spot in the world just five minutes from just about anywhere is pretty awesome,” said Marvel.

“If you are going to do it you should definitely come around here because it’s close and its convenient and you can turn around whenever you want, because this trail goes forever,” said Merk.

The best part about coming in the winter is the clear views and no bugs, but it’s also an excellent time to study the geology of the rock formations.

“It’s just a pretty trail and it gets you out in nature and you don’t feel like you are too near the cars, it’s nice,” said Merk.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas I’m Megan Graddy

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