Lauren Holmes’ Fun Nature Leads Lady Bulldogs

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Lauren Holmes is your typical division one basketball commit. A vocal leader with a skilled game.

"I'm really fast and that surprises people sometimes. I just have these random bursts of energy," Holmes said.

"In fifth grade she was just up and down the court like a racer. She was just going and was so fast," fellow senior Kylee Coulter said.

"She's improved upon controlling her speed, cause I remember when I first played with her how fast she was. But a lot of times she would mess up because she was going so fast," said Grayce Spangler, who transfered to Fayetteville prior to last season.

But for as much of a leader as Holmes is on the court, she's a prankster at practice. "I like to scare people a lot. It's kind of random, like I'll just hide around corners and scare them at practice," Holmes said.

Coulter agreed, "In the back gym in the corner, she'll like hide behind there as we're getting a water break. And it'll get quiet and we're like 'okay here comes Lauren'."

Sometimes you'll just be standing there and she likes to run up behind you really fast. And she's so fast you don't see it coming, you just hear all those stomps and she'll be right there," Spangler said.

That vocal, outgoing nature comes from what's become a tradition at Purple Dog practices. "When she's shooting in practice and misses two or three in a row, you'll hear this loud scream or yell," Head Coach Vic Rimmer said.

"I always laugh at her whenever she does it cause the gym will be dead quiet and then you know when Lauren misses cause it's like a really loud yell," Spangler said.

How does Holmes justify her sudden outbursts? "It just helps to let out a little frustration with a yell sometimes."

The senior has led the Lady Bulldogs to a 19-2, 6-0 start, ahead of hosting the other unbeaten 7A West school Van Buren tomorrow. Holmes is committed to play college basketball at North Texas.