Spring Street & School Avenue Intersection Transforming Into Mini Roundabout

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The City of Fayetteville will soon turn the Spring Street and School Avenue intersection into a mini roundabout.

Although the change is temporary, it's all part of a bigger plan that could become permanent. The city plans to take the data from this trial run and use it for other projects in the area.

City engineer Chris Brown said drivers don't always come to a complete stop at the current four-way stop.

"With the four-way stop, if there's no traffic, you're still technically supposed to come to a complete stop," Brown said. "That's where we see the compliance issues, people roll up to the stop signs and see there's nobody there, and keep going."

The intersection is near Dickson Street, one of the busiest areas in downtown Fayetteville.  Spring Street is a big connection to the bike trails, so the roundabout will be convenient for bikers as they won't have to necessarily stop, just slow down looking for traffic.

Brown said the goal is that this trial roundabout will make drivers pay better attention and also help the city know if this is an effective way to control traffic.

Crews will start working on this project on Thursday (Jan. 26) at 1 p.m.


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