Fayetteville Hosts Black History Month Kickoff Event

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)-- A day before Black History Month begins, a group in Fayetteville got together to begin the celebration early.

The event had many speakers take the podium including Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan.

He said everyone in the city is tied together by the chains of love.

“It’s the bond that holds us together and it’s that love that can move any mountain, or get through any valley or cross any stream of any kind of difficulties that we might face," said Jordan." "It’s because we are one and the same in this city.”

Some of the topics discussed at the event included local black history as well as some of the recent movies that depicted the stories of African Americans.

Fayetteville Superintendent Dr. Matthew Wendt discussed some of the local history associated with the school.

He read from a copy of the school board's unanimous vote to include African American students in 1954.

“To be the first school system in Arkansas to do the right thing," said Wendt. "There have been a lot of leaders come and go, there have been a lot of philosophies, but it is a proud moment to work for a school district that is number one.”

D'Andre Jones, the master of ceremony told the crowd that the month of February is a month of unity.

“This is the one month of the year where we can all come together in celebration of what can be if we as a society are open and willing to embrace the past just as we embrace the future," said Jones.

Tuesday's event was only the beginning.

Compassion Fayetteville has a full list of events going on throughout the month of February celebrating black history month.

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  • arnold fudpucker

    When do we celebrate Asian history month? White history month? Mexican history month? Russian history month? Why do the blacks fail to understand that their constant effort to set themselves apart from everyone else is doing just that?

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