Club Sinks Christmas Trees To Create Fish Habitats

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BELLA VISTA (KFSM)-- A group of men gathered at Lake Avalon on Wednesday (Feb. 1) to finish dumping old Christmas trees into the lake to create fish habitats.

The men are a part of the Fly Tyers Club in Bella Vista.

President Daniel Bullock said this is something they do every year with the various lakes in the area.

He explained the trees can be sunk in locations that are beneficial to the fish.

“Drill holes in the trunks and then we put wire then we put block on them and then we put them on the barge and take them to various spots in the chosen lake," Bullock said. "This year it was Lake Avalon.”

Edward Meads, who works with Bella Vista Lakes & Parks, helped the club on the bank of the lake.

He said without the clubs help, they would be in big trouble.

“This load here, sinking the Christmas trees, we use 15,000 pounds of block," Meads said. "If you figure 25 pounds a block, for three people, that’s a back breaker.”

Bullock said this year they collected over 500 trees to place into Lake Avalon.

“You can go to certain places, where there is no habitat and you see very few fish," Meads said. "With what we’re doing here, the fish come in. It’s very important."

Bullock thanked everyone who donated their old trees to make the event possible.

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