New Device Could Help Alzheimer`s Patients

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HEALTHWATCH - A new medical device that looks like a swim cap could be a major breakthrough for millions of people with Alzheimer’s.

Banner Health in Phoenix is starting the first phase of a clinical trial with what they call the “Neuro-E-M.” The device uses electromagnetic waves that help with memory loss. Patients will wear the cap for an hour twice a day for two months. They won’t feel or hear anything. Doctors say the treatment won’t reverse Alzheimer’s, but are optimistic it will at least stop the disease from progressing.

Dr. Edward Zamrini from Banner Health says, “Alzheimer’s disease is a very slow death sentence. Everyone who gets Alzheimer’s is going to die. We have to do something to stop this disease, and we strongly believe now we have a roadmap towards preventing Alzheimer’s."

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