Police: Remains of Newborn Found In Cardboard Box Inside Refrigerator

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OZARK (KFSM) — Ozark police found the remains of a newborn inside a cardboard box stuffed in a refrigerator at a home, according to police.

Mary Williams, 38, who is currently an inmate at the Franklin County Detention Center, was taken Monday (Jan. 30) to a hospital to be treated for stomach pain.

According to police, Williams told nurses that she had recently given birth at her home and had disposed of the infant.

Police immediately launched an investigation and searched the home where Williams reportedly gave birth. Remains were found inside the refrigerator at the residence on North Oak Street in Ozark.

"We went to her mothers house in Ozark, spoke to her mother. During the interview her mother did disclose that sometime around the (JAN.)23rd her daughter did give birth to what she believed was a daughter," said Ozark detective Grant Nicely.

The baby is thought to have been born sometime between Jan. 19 and 23. The birth was never reported to authorities.

Williams faces additional charges in connection with the baby's death.

Vickie Falconio, 69, also faces charges in connection with the matter.

They are facing charges of concealing a birth and abuse of a corpse, according to police.

An autopsy is being conducted on the remains. The investigation continues.



  • Pam Hartley

    There is only one clinic in the state of Missouri that preforms abortions, giving a number of women few options when dealing with a unwanted pregnancy. The only thing that surprises me about this story is that it doesn’t happen more often in states like Missouri. When you limit a woman’s access to medical care you limit her options and responses to unwanted pregnancies and the resulting new born. Oh, and you might want to check where that one clinic is located before you start blaming the woman or PP.

      • Pam Hartley

        for some reason I thought this was in Missouri probably due to the similar names with a Missouri town of the same name. I digress that Arkansas has a few more options available though I was only able to find two online with reliable information and must note that both are over a hour away from Ozark.

  • Carol Smittle

    Well since I don’t live in Missouri, I cannot comment on that. BUT I can comment on this, here is Arkansas, there are clinics and organizations available for pregnant women to get help, if they want it. Since Mary was in custody at the time of the findings, I would also be inclined to think this woman has a long, bad record of unlawful criminal activity. I am praying that God forgives this woman and the mother who hid this from the public.

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