Decatur Residents Excited About Dollar General Move

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DECATUR (KFSM)-- Dollar General announced Thursday (Feb. 2) that they plan to move their Decatur location to the old Walmart Express building.

After about a year with not many choices for grocery shopping, residents of Decatur are excited to have a place to go in town for groceries.

“I think after Walmart left, Decatur was really heartbroken and everyone really had to pick up the pieces," Heaven Butler said. "So I think Dollar General doing this is really a nice thing to do.”

The new plans for the store include adding more products like meat, produce and will even offer gasoline.

The store expects to employ 15 people depending on the needs of the store.

Butler has lived in Decatur all of her life and when the Walmart Express left, she said her family chose to go to Gravette for their grocery needs.

Others like Jessica Cheney and her family choose to go to the Walmart in Siloam Springs.

“My mom doesn’t have a job currently so it’s easier for us to be able to shop here in town cause it doesn’t take up near as much gas just driving around here but driving all the way to Siloam is just a huge hassle," Cheney said.

She said she thinks being able to drive just a few minuets in town will be a huge benefit to everyone in Decatur.

Butler said she was excited to be able to get gas and a gallon of milk all in one place instead of going from one location to another.

The store plans to open the new location by summer.