Fayetteville’s Banner Supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’ Goes Viral

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - A banner honoring Black History Month in Fayetteville is going viral after a photo of it was posted on Twitter.

The banner, put up in honor of the city's Black History Month celebrations, also reads "BLACK LIVES MATTER" and "#FAYETTEVILLECARES".

"It's important because it confirms Fayetteville's commitment to diversity and particularly since it's Black History Month," Compassion Fayetteville member D'Andre Jones said.

The banner was approved by the city's A&P commission. It is the second banner put up by the group, but this year it is gaining a lot of attention on social media and by those passing by.

"I support celebration of African-American history because it's part of our history but black lives matter I think it's more of an all lives matter thing," Fayetteville resident Nicole Gottlich.

As of Thursday (Feb. 2) night, the tweet had 41,385 likes and 16,229 retweets.


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  • Tara Dawn Fincher

    Get that racial division hate crap out of our area. That CRAP doesn’t belong here. I grew up here and all my life everyone just sees everyone else as neighbors. Color has never mattered. Now you want to promote this black LIES matter? Get that OUT of here!!! We love ALL our neighbors and this “movement” is a lie straight out of hell to wreak havoc on that relationship.

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