Community Members Leave Gifts At Local Mosque

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- The community is reaching out to the members of Masjid Al Salam after the signing of President Trump's immigration order. Handwritten cards, drawings, and bouquets of flowers were all left at the mosque.

You may remember the mosque from a story 5NEWS first reported last year after the prayer center was vandalized. Now, the community is still sending gifts to show members how much the people of Fort Smith welcomes them.

"We found all those flowers and the sign out there, and all the cards from children, adults, and senior citizens," president, Louay Nassri said. "So, we are absolutely blessed to be in this community."

A sign that read, "Flowers of Friendship Fort Smith," was also left near the roadway along with more flowers.

"Friendship in Fort Smith, it's precious," Nassri said. "It's how we feel all along, friendship. More than friendship, we feel we're apart of this,"

The mosque's members said the gifts were a surprise.

"The love and support we found here is unmatched in any community," Nassri said. "We're grateful and this is our home. We defend our home. We won't let anybody even think about causing any harm here."

As for the dozens of cards, Nassri said he knows just what they'll do with them.

"We're gonna' treasure them," Nassri said. "We would like to frame them and yes, they're very close to our heart."

Nassri said now everyone needs to take a step forward.

"Find out how similar we all are," Nassri said. "What brings us together is a whole lot more than what divides us."