Logan County Man Facing Battery Charges After Allegedly Shooting Man In Face

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) — A Logan County man was arrested after he reportedly shot another man during an argument over the weekend.

Scott Hammond, 36, of Magazine, is facing first degree battery charges, according to a preliminary report.

Hammond was arrested on Saturday (Feb. 4) after he allegedly shot another man, who was taken to the Northwest Medical Center in Springdale with a gunshot wound to the face, the report states.

The victim told deputies that Hammond and his girlfriend came over to his Highway 412 home, where they consumed alcohol and Hammond and the victim showed off their firearms, the report states. Later the two men got into an argument after Hammond’s girlfriend had taken some drugs and gotten lost.

Hammond told deputies that the victim overheard him asking about his missing girlfriend and he came toward him in a confrontational demeanor and grabbed his left wrist. The report states that Hammond said he then used his right hand to grab his .380 caliber pistol and he pointed it at Donald and pulled the trigger.

Hammond told deputies that he wasn’t sure if he hit anything when he shot his gun, and that afterward he got into his vehicle and drove until he made contact with someone and asked for help.

After police caught up with Hammond and told him that the man had been shot but would be okay, Hammond said he only cared about his girlfriend, the report states.

Hammond was booked into the Washington County Detention Center where he was released on a $3,500 bond.