Adventure Arkansas: Arkansas Yoga Center

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For this week’s Adventure Arkansas we are headed over to Arkansas Yoga Center for a slower pace of an adventure!

AYC’s mission is to provide a welcoming, open hearted place to for everyone to find a new form of exercise that works for them.

Nicole has attended AYC for 11 years and said yoga is a lifestyle.

“Well yoga is about balance, so balance of what we do in our everyday life through engagement in things and through relaxation,” said Nicole.

Nicole began doing yoga for the flexibility and stretching, but soon found it was beneficial on multiple levels.

“That it’s a good way to relieve stress and helps with focus and mental clarity,” said Nicole.

And then she decided to get her teaching license at AYC, she wanted to pass on the art of yoga to her students.

“Cause it’s benefited my life so much and how I feel physically and mentally and I wanted to share that with other people,” said Nicole.

Rosa has been doing yoga for 20 plus years, and also attends AYC.

She said yoga is beneficial to all aspects in life.

“We just immediately noticed a difference in your body and how you feel, how much more energy you’ve got,“ said Rosa.

Rosa started doing yoga because it was good for her body in many aspects.

“It’s a healthy lifestyle, it’s sustainable, it goes in with your nutrition, everything,” said Rosa.

Rosa said she has tried multiple types of exercise and yoga has been the best fit for her.

“People underestimate yoga because it’s not weight lifting and I’ve done weight lifting at the gym, I’ve done aerobics, this yoga is so fantastic it’s not hard on your joints,” said Rosa

“It just improved your life so tremendously, you can’t even imagine, and the more you do it the more beneficial it is to you,” said Rosa

For those considering trying yoga for the first time, here are a few things to know.

“You do not have to be flexible, that’s the first thing I hear is I’m not flexible, so they don’t want to do yoga and it’s more of just an overall conditioning of your body,” said Nicole.

Both Nicole and Rosa consider yoga an adventure.

“It’s tremendously an adventure because you can put into it what you can go at your own level,” said Nicole.

“It’s a self-exploration you learn a lot about yourself through yoga, it just makes your life more alive and adventuresome because you are more open,” said Nicole.

For more information about AYC and their schedule, click here!

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas, I’m Megan Graddy.

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