New Sequoyah County Sheriff Says Narcotic Search Warrants At Remarkable High

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SEQUOYAH COUNTY (KFSM) -- Before the new Sequoyah County Sheriff took office in January, he had big plans to make changes in the county.

Now that Larry Lane has been the sheriff for a month, things seem more calm. However, Lane said his urgency for progress is still the same as when he blazed his way into office in January.

Part of that progress is working to tackle narcotics in the county.

"I think we've run more narcotic search warrants in this first month than they ran in the last four years," Lane said.

The recently-elected sheriff's tenure got off to a controversial start when he initially notified six employees of their dismissal. Those employees filed a grievance, which stopped the change in staff.

However, Lane said he thinks he was unfairly attacked over the situation.

"Every elected official, [whether in] Arkansas, Oklahoma, everybody; when an elected official comes in, they're going to make changes as they need them," Lane said.

No one has been dismissed since, but Lane's evaluations of those around him are still coming along.

"For the most part, they're responding well and working hard," Lane said. "There's a few not so much."

Lane said employees can expect evaluations to continue.

"You never want anybody to lose their job," he said. "I've been though it. It'll be unfortunate if they do, but a few have to make the change. It's a business, and we're here to protect and serve the community."

As far as changes that have happened, Lane has balanced some salaries and looked into equipment issues.

"We don't have any tactical raid vests at all," he said. "I've gotten with Cherokee Nation Marshals and they're looking into helping us with those."

Lane said he is also looking into getting computers installed inside his deputies' vehicles.

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