NWA City Reports Increase In Construction Permits

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)-- Springdale recently reported that they saw an increase of about 430 percent in the amount of money they have received from construction permits.

Bill Rogers, the vice president of communication with the Springdale Chamber of Commerce, said in January the city received about $26.8 million from those permits.

This is about $21 million more than what the city saw in January of 2016.

Rogers said this growth was just the byproduct of several infrastructure changes made in the area over the past few years.

“All of that is a precursor and really just dominoes that are beginning to fall," Rogers said. "As that infrastructure comes in, development always follows infrastructure and we’re poised to see some significant growth in the next two or three years in Springdale.”

Rogers explained they expect to see more commercial and residential growth during that time especially when the new children's hospital is completed.

Stephanie Robinson, the owner of Sire in downtown Springdale, has lived in the city most of her life.

When she heard about the increase in money from construction permits, she said it was hard to wrap her head around the growth in the community.

In April of 2016, Robinson moved her store from cyber space to retail space.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do was get something here in downtown Springdale," said Robinson. "I’ve got memories here with my grandparents bringing me down here. I mean there’s so much potential here. We wanted to make sure we got to be a part of the community that helped raise us.”

During her time in Springdale, Robinson said she has seen the growth with her own eyes.

She said she has seen pastures turn into businesses and said it is hard to refute the amount of people coming into the area every day.

Seeing that growth and hearing that the city was seeing it as well excited her.

She explained what she hopes will happen in the future for her hometown.

“Continued growth, continued support from the community," Robinson said. "You want people to see that this is a community like the rest of Northwest Arkansas. That there is just as much potential here as anywhere else.”

She hopes more people will recognize that Springdale is a competitive market in the business world and will choose to bring their businesses to town like she did.


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