Ark. Legislature Passes Bill Declaring Arkansaurus Fridayi The State Dinosaur

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) — Arkansas is one step closer to having an official state dinosaur after the Arkansas Senate unanimously passed a bill that would designate an official state dinosaur on Thursday (Feb. 16).

Now, House Concurrent Resolution 1003 will be sent to Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’s desk. If he signs the bill, the Arkansaurus Fridayi will be declared the official dinosaur for the state.

Joe B. Friday ┬ádiscovered the dinosaur’s remains in a gravel pit near┬áLockesburg, Arkansas in 1972. If the bill passes, Arkansas will be the 10th state to have an official dinosaur.

Fayetteville High School senior Cyprus Oruy has been working side by side with lawmakers to recognize the Arkansaurus Fridayi as the state’s first dinosaur. Oruy is a self-described paleontology expert for his age.

He addressed the Senate on Thursday, helping to pass HCR1003.




  • Cypress Oury

    This is a wonderful article! I’m very excited about the signing…and so is the governor. I spoke to him yesterday and he said that he’s very excited to get to sign HCR1003. One note though…you spelled my name completely wrong. It’s actually ‘Cypress Oury’. Could you please fix that? Thanks and have a great weekend!

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