Rogers School Board Discusses Millage Increase In Special Study Session

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ROGERS (KFSM) — The Rogers School Board met in a special study session on Thursday (Feb. 16) to discuss a possible millage increase.

Rogers Communications Director Ashley Siwiec said the board studied enrollment growth and millage history. They discussed capacity at the elementary school level, available properties owned by the district and the potential cost for building new elementary and middle schools.

The board looked at two different millage increase scenarios. A 2.9 millage increase would allow the district to build two new elementary schools and a 4.2 millage increase would include two elementary schools and a middle school.

Siwiec said the board did not reach a consensus on the increase and plans to discuss further at a board meeting on Tuesday (Feb. 21). If they decide to hold an election for the millage increase, it could potentially be held May 9.