Lawmakers Discuss Amendments To Campus Carry

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FAYETTEVILLE(KFSM)-- The campus carry bill passed in the Senate with 71 percent of the votes, but a few amendments have now been added.

One added amendment requires employees to take a 16 hour training course. With almost every institution in the state against the bill, lawmakers were hoping to soothe them over with the addition.

"Knowing that your professor has a gun again just escalates a situation and I would love to work on deescalating situations rather than knowing someone has a gun," Melissa Foster said. Her two children held up handmade signs during the discussion that read "no guns on campus." Their father is a University of Arkansas employee.

One parent said if it passes he will send his daughter out of state, no questions asked.

Bill sponsor Charlie Collins is hoping to make new revisions before the final vote, so that the bill works for everyone.

"We can get the benefit of campus carry and protecting our loved ones on campus but do it in a way where people can feel confident that there aren't gonna be accidents or extra danger from doing it so."

House Bill 1249 is headed to the State Senate for revisions.