Robocalls In Arkansas And How To Stop Them

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Those annoying calls from people trying to scam you, sell you or just harass you. We thought we had them outsmarted when some of us dropped the landline. Now, they're coming after us on our cell phones.

It happens to pretty much all of us because almost all of us have cell phones these days. Out-of-state calls from random numbers, otherwise known as robocalls.

Sometimes, they get extremely realistic which is why the Federal Communications Commission says you should always keep educated on the latest scams. Or, you can simply ignore any unknown number.

That is a great first step, but aside from staying educated on the latest scams -- you can also sign up your phone to the 'Do Not Call' registry and file complaints to the FCC.

You can also ask your phone company if it offers robocall-blocking technology. Then, there's the obvious stuff -- don't interact with the call, don't give any information and you wont become the latest victim of a robocall.


  • wesm6

    Both my phone and my wife’s phone is registered with the do not call list. The problem is with these robocalls, they often spoof other phone numbers so that you can not trace them. They will initiate the call from their phone number and route it through another number. They often show up as local numbers. So, you really can’t do much about them. I have contacted the FCC about these calls and their response is really, “thanks for the info. but we really do not track these calls.” My wife and I get calls every week, about an extended car warranty or saving interest on our credit card. If you block their phone number, they call again on another number. I’ve had six calls in one day, from six different phone numbers. I would love to find out who these losers, I mean Scammers are. But, when you track down the phone company who manages the call, (the company who the number is registered to), they are not willing to help or take any information or record a complaint.

    So, how about some help for us out here, who are the victims of these robo-calls.

  • Randy Ingle

    I get multiple calls a day from the same number and have asked repeatedly not to call my cell again to no avail. I even told them that I have filed a harassment complaint with the FCC but that still does not stop them from calling.

  • arnold fudpucker

    The Do Not Call thing is an example of how the gubbamint tries to feed you B.S. and tell you it is doing something. It doesn’t work. If the gubbamint really wanted to do something about this they would. If the calls were targeting illegals for instance the gubbamint would be all over it in days.

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