NRA Drops Support Of Campus Carry Bill Following Training, Age Requirement Amendment

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Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

ARKANSAS (KFSM) — The National Rifle Association is backing an effort to expand a campus gun bill so that it applies to anyone with a concealed handgun license.

On Thursday (Feb. 23) the NRA dropped its support of House Bill 1249 after an amendment was added that would limit those who are able to carry a concealed weapon on campus to people who are 25 and have undergone a training program that is up to 16 hours long.

The NRA posted that they will not support the bill with the attached amendment. Instead the group wants campus carry to be expanded to anyone who has an Arkansas concealed carry permit.

Previously, the bill had the NRA’s support.

Rep. Charlie Collins introduced the bill on Jan. 23, which initially would have only opened campus carry privileges to faculty and staff members of colleges and universities who have their concealed carry license.

The bill is pending before the Arkansas Senate.