Amazon Begins Collecting Sales Tax In Arkansas

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) — March came in like a lion this year, bringing with it a new sales tax.

The online retailing giant Amazon began collecting sales tax in Arkansas on Wednesday (March 1). The company announced the change on Feb. 10.

After the announcement, Governor Asa Hutchinson was quick to praise the measure, saying it was good news for the state.

“This step by Amazon has been voluntary and reflects the new landscape in which retailers recognize the practicality and fairness of sales tax being treated equally between online sales and in person store sales,” Hutchinson said in a release.

Amazon currently collects sales tax in 38 states.


  • Never go full liberal

    Nothing like government bureaucracy to ruin a business. Places like Amazon were the only reprieve from taxation in Arkansas, now they have ruined that. It would be different if we were seeing results with our tax dollars, but just take a drive around NW Arkansas to see the fruits of YOUR labors, I would say we ARE NOT getting what we are paying for.

  • Joseph Stenson (@josephstenson)

    Are you kidding? This didn’t pass. Why are you reporting completely inaccurate news? You call this journalism? Even Trump’s news at least has a nugget of truth buried in his crap. This bill passes the Senate, but failed in the House. It received only 10 out of a necessary 11 votes to pass.

    Please do a better job reporting. You should strive to do your jobs better than this.

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