Storm Shatters Front Window Of Poteau Pet Store

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POTEAU (KFSM)- Poteau Pet's owners, Dana Jewell and Roger Vance came into their store early Wednesday (Mar. 1) morning to find the front window blown out by storms overnight.

"We don't open until 10:00 a.m., but my husband got here at 8:00 a.m. and he comes in and finds the plate glass window completely demolished," Jewell said. "[There was] glass everywhere, carpet was wet."

Poteau Pets has been in business for 20 years and the shop's owners said this type of damage isn't something new.

"We're on Broadway Street, which it's a little uphill and we've had flash flooding," Jewell said. "You see the flash flood warnings and you don't really think anything of it, but I've seen it to where it just all of a sudden pours down and starts running through the front door."

The couple said they've also seen their fair share of broken windows.

"A lot of times, we've been in the store when we have tornado warnings and you can see the glass bow," Jewell said. "It's kind of scary. We didn't know one day to the next how many windows were out from wind or whatever."

In the meantime, the shattered window is boarded up to keep the animals in the shop comfortable and to protect customers.

"Some of the pieces came crashing down into the store," Vance said. "There's still a lot of dangerous glass that remains, so we sandwiched [the glass] in between plywood and secured it up so the remaining glass can't pose a risk to customers or pedestrians; anything inside or outside."

Now, the owners are hoping to find a solution to this continued problem.

"I would like to see it closed halfway up," Jewell said. "Just leave the top section glass so we can get the sun for animals and things. Retirement is looking better and better every day."

The owners will keep the window boarded up until it is repaired. They expect the window to be replaced by the end of the week.

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