Fayetteville Animal Shelter Responds To Animal Sale Registration Bill

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)-- A bill introduced by Representative James Sorvillo would require anyone wanting to sell a dog or cat to register with the state.

The bill states these sellers would be registered with the Department of Health for one year.

Tony Rankin works for Fayetteville Animal Services as the projects manager and said he was shocked to hear about the new bill.

“It’s good to see that somebody in the state legislature is taking a little more interest in animal rights especially when it comes to maybe trying to control puppy mills," Rankin said.

When a person registers, they would have to give multiple pieces of information including how many animals they have, their name and a certificate of good health from a licensed veterinarian for the animal that is sold.

It also specifies areas where people would not be allowed to sell the animals.

Rankin said some cities in Northwest Arkansas already have ordinances that prohibit selling animals in commercial parking lots.

“Even with those ordinances in effect, we haven't seen an increase in the number of puppies that are being brought in to us," Rankin said. "Now of course if it’s on a state-wide level then who's to say.”

A concern Rankin had was for the private citizen who may purchase a dog or cat but later decides they cannot take care of it.

He said he did not know how this bill would affect them on choosing what to do with the animal, whether that be deciding to register and sell it or try to drop it off at a local shelter.

Another concern he had was for the Department of Health.

Rankin worried about the amount of employees there that would follow through.

“I guess ultimately what I would hope would come through something like this is that there is more responsible pet breeding and more responsible spaying and neutering of pets before they are just given to whoever," Rankin said.

5NEWS did reach out to Representative Sorvillo on why he sponsored the bill but he has not gotten back to us.