Flavors Where You Live: Joe’s Italian

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For this week’s Flavors we are in Bentonville at Joe’s Italian where they have a large array of classic Italian dishes as well as some new twists.

Teresa Merwin is a regular at Joe’s and said it’s the company and food that keeps her coming back.

Her favorite part is the option of either being about to eat in the dining room or bar area.

MaryAnn Adams and her friends are having a girl’s night out and chose to celebrate at Joe’s.

MaryAnn might have visited the Italian sports bar for the first time tonight but, she plans on coming back.

Across the restaurant, Bryan Lockamy and 21 others gathered at Joe’s for a family reunion over good food and company.

It’s the first time in 2 years all 5 generations have all been together!

Another family member of the Lockamy party is a picky eater, but found the right dish for herself.

Just a few of the options Joe’s Italian offers are the Chicken primavera, Salmon House Special, Lobster and Shrimp Ravioli,  the Pasta Trio where you get a little bit of everything, or an 18” extra-large Joe’s Specialty Pizza!

And we couldn’t forget dessert!

Tiramisu, Cannoli’s, and Leomcello Mascarpone Cake are just a few of the many they offer.

And what’s pasta and garlic bread without a variety of wine options to compliment your pallet from the bar?

Joe’s, located at 211 SE Walton Boulevard, has something for everyone!

Owner Bennie and Manager Leo want to thank everyone for their continued support and they said they will continue to share classic Italian cuisine with you!

For this week’s Flavors, I’m Megan Graddy

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